Play with Oreo

To change the tune on shopping for Oreos online we turned an ordinary snacking experience into a musical event! By creating the Oreo Music Box, this sweet snack turned up in electronics and toy searches, helping shoppers rediscover the delicious, and now musical joys of Oreo.

  • An illustrated record player but the record is an Oreo, and it reads ‘Oreo Music Box’ it’s on a blue background

Description: In China, foreign and local biscuit brands are in fierce competition. A massive amount of brand content and experience can be delivered point-of-sale, especially on e-commerce platforms where Chinese customers buy almost everything from electronics to toys, but not food.

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Mondelez Oreo needed to build a brand and activate immediate purchase in the space of digital commerce.

Oreo music box – a special Oreo packaging was created to elevate the Oreo product experience and take enjoyment to a new level. The customized brand experience is built through digital interaction with actual physical product experience combined.

Every Oreo bite the consumer takes of the Oreo, a different song is played. More Oreos means more songs. Consumers could also personalize their own pack and see their chosen theme come to life with mobile AR functionality built on the Tmall mobile app.

This special Oreo packaging was sold exclusively as a special-edition pack for one day during 2017's Tmall Superbrand Day only on Alibaba Tmall – the world's largest e-commerce site.

Results? The Oreo music box sold out in one hour.

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  • A hand is reaching out to touch an Oreo sitting on the Music Box, in the other hand is a pack of opened Oreos
    The Oreo Music Box
  • Screen shots of social media images talking about the Oreo Music Box.
    With 46,657,092 impressions, The Music Box helped Oreo break through the e-commerce barrier