Reinventing Car Ownership

  • Image of a Ford vehicle with Ford website on a laptop, tablet, etc.


Once cars are sold, there's almost no customer engagement for the next eight years of ownership. That's eight years of miss chances to create a repeat-purchasing, social-media-gushing army of advocates.

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VMLY&R and GTB rethought the entire ownership experience — starting before you even on your car. We gave Ford the ability to start and continue a conversation with their owners. This includes Remote Vehicle Setup — a first-of-its-kind experience that allows owners to ping their vehicles about likes, dislikes, and preconfigure all their preferences, starting before the car is even delivered.

Suddenly, instead of only a handful of interactions with Ford — owners interacted with their cars, and the brand, tens of thousands of times during the year.

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  • Nearly 100% of Tesla's lost market share went to Ford
  • Industry standard for order cancellations: 25% didn't cancel with Ford
  • More than 600 million digital interactions
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