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Rip Curl has been creating innovative products to aid surfers in their search for the perfect wave. Surfers spend most of their lives waiting for the planets to align, and when they do, the moment is over almost as soon as it begins.

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ripcurl apps

A connected consumer experience and digital ecosystem around the newly developed GPS watch. We revolutionized the way surfers interact with each other and the ocean — while putting the Rip Curl brand firmly at the forefront of any social conversation about surfing.

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  • Preorders of the new GPS watch were sold out in the first week of launch
  • 61% of users log in to the app/website once a week
  • 81% of users log/sync surfs each month
  • 19% of users have created private surf clubs
  • 89% of users exclusively use the app (not website/desktop usage)
  • 57% of users under 30 “share" their best surf session once a week
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