Save Water


Show that you don't need to buy an eco-friendly product to be eco-friendly. Get shoppers to save up to 4 gallons of water when brushing by turning off the tap, and get cost-conscious shoppers to switch to, or continue to buy Colgate products.

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Become a favored partner of Walmart and secure premium Colgate placements by getting price-sensitive shoppers on board to save water.

Using medal-winning swimmer Michael Phelps, shoppers were drawn in to a quiz to see if they "Are as fast as Phelps".

Through educational, interactive demos, shoppers could physically see the amount of water they could save while brushing. This was reinforced by giving out water-activated faucet stickers in-store, so the message was taken home.

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  • Awarded premium pallets in 2,200 stores
  • 36% increase in sales without price discounting
  • 23% increase in average basket size
  • 45 billion gallons of water saved globally as a result of the program, with 1.2 billion coming from Walmart Save Water campaign
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  • Effies, Silver (Single-Retailer Program: Mass Merchants)
  • Reggies, Silver (ANA Center For Brand Purpose Campaigns)
  • Reggies, Bronze (Shopper Marketing Campaigns)
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