Sea to Stars

  • Ships at sea
Despite the high awareness of the US Navy brand, a deep understanding of its mission was still a challenge.

To educate the public and inspire the next generation of recruits, we created a heart-racing campaign that showed the vast scope of Navy operations, from the sea floor to the edge of space.

The new tagline, “Forged by the Sea,” represents exploration and discovery for Centennials who are looking for meaningful adventures and experiences. It captures a sense of adventure, while showing how sailors are forged by the sea to become leaders, engineers, doctors, tech experts – and ultimately, better versions of themselves.

The film’s visual effects flow from disparate places and parts including underwater footage, computer graphic (CG) submarine, actual fleet footage and more. It takes viewers on a journey from below the ocean to the edges of the atmosphere telling the story of Sea to Stars.

  • Satellite orbiting Earth
  • The Triton unmanned aircraft in the atmosphere.