Soundproof Posters

  • The Four Soundproof Posters
Studio-grade soundproof band posters

To save beginner guitar players from the complaints of angry neighbors, parents and siblings, Rolling Stone created Soundproof Posters: a series of band posters made entirely out of studio-grade acoustic foam. The idea was to use an already common teenage behavior — decorating their bedrooms with their music idols — to create a sound absorption layer that isolates the room, allowing players to practice and naturally claim their rightful place as the next generation of rock ’n’ roll superstars.

The four designs were inspired by legendary players and transferred to the foam using a new production method specially developed for the project, mixing 2D and 3D techniques. The Soundproof Posters launched as a “best riff wins” promo on Instagram to drive brand engagement and grow Rolling Stone’s follower base.

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