Each year, Spanish kids eat their own body weight in sugar.

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In Spain, there is an extremely high consumption of sugar amongst children, and one out of every three children suffer from being overweight or obese.

From the ages of 9 to 12, the average child in Spain consumes 33.4 kg of added sugar each year — the equivalent of their own body weight.

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We created a unique collection of children's sculptures made of sugar. They were placed in the main train station of Madrid so that everyone could see this harsh reality and start a conversation to try to solve this massive problem.

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With a budget of just €11,790, the campaign resulted in:

  • More than 1,242 appearances in media
  • 284M+ media impressions
  • €7.2 million of earned media coverage
  • Trending topic on Twitter
  • A new law to reduce sugar consumption
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