• A young Mexican boy, soaked from rainfall staring straight into the camera after laboring in a field
Since 1973, Save the Children has served at-risk children across Mexico through several different programs.

To help convey their mission and belief that “no child should be excluded from the opportunity to survive and learn,” Y&R Mexico told the often unseen stories of millions of children who are left behind. To touch hearts and minds, we wanted not only to show their struggles, but also to show hope through their harrowing stories and determination to survive. The work aims to show people how they can be part of the solution if together we make an effort.

A raw portrait of extreme situations portrayed in the work include themes such as labor, violence and child marriage. The film is supported by a powerful musical backdrop; a cover of Destiny's Child hit “Survivor” is used give voice to children facing many of the most harrowing problems in society today.

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  • A young Mexican girl wearing a pink dress, asleep in another’s arms
    Save the Children is working to help children like these survive and overcome the obstacles they face.
  • A young Mexican girl, with a pink and blue t-shirt, looking at the camera frowning
    The children we portray have lost their voice to labor, child marriage, and violence. To give it back to them we set their story to "I'm a Survivor".