Hijacking the year's biggest fashion drop to help victims of forced labor.

This work was produced by TAXI (a VMLY&R company.)

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It's estimated that one in five of the world's cotton items are produced using forced Uyghur labor in Xinjiang, China. This has been recognized as genocide by the United States, and nearly the entire fashion industry is complicit.

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Yeezy x Gap, Kanye West's fashion line, announced its first clothing drop using posters which showed nothing more than a blue jacket and a QR code. It sold out in hours.

While nearly everyone in NYC talking about their ads, we recognized a tactical opening to put up our own posters and steal the attention for our cause.

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Within days of the Yeezy x Gap launch, the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) produced their own posters to look like the next in the series.

In the same style, we replaced the blue jacket with a blue jumpsuit (the kind worn by imprisoned Uyghurs) and watched as Yeezy fans rushed to scan our QR code.

From our landing page, we not only educated shoppers about the problem but also led them to install a Chrome extension that alerted them when they were shopping from brands that might be complicit.

  • Within 72 hours, we produced, printed and hung our posters throughout NYC
  • Within the first 72 hours of the posters being up, the HRF website experienced a 631% spike
  • Three major brands engaged in conversation
  • One major brand cut ties with forced labor
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