An Unexpected Symbol of Pride

In partnership with the ACLU of Wisconsin, we took a different look at the state's flag and found inclusion was behind it the whole time.


After years of social progress in the United States, the past few years have seen a spike in hate crimes and legislation aimed at rolling back personal rights, particularly among the LGBT community. Consequently, the ACLU — the nations leading civil liberties advocacy group — is pursuing more cases than ever. Because of this environment, the ACLU wanted to make a statement of solidarity with the LGBT community and garner awareness for its cause.

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The ACLU took to the heart of conservative country, transforming Wisconsin's flag (a state that voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 election) from a steadfast symbol of state pride to a celebrated salute to gay pride. The updated flag was paraded across Wisconsin during pride week, serving as an unwavering banner of acceptance, hope and unity for the LGBT Community and its advocates when all are needed most.

The front of the flag appears normal, with a minor and a sailor flanking a shield, but when you turn to the back, it is revealed that the minor and sailor are actually holding hands.

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