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According to a World Economic Forum report, women earn 32% less than men. How do you show what the pay gap really means? We targeted those who can change this reality in the future: young people. To improve the understanding, we brought together players from the popular game Counter-Strike to a match as unequal as the one in the labor market. In each round of the experiment, one of the teams earned 32% less than the other.

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With less money, it was impossible to buy the same game items. The final score was: 16 to 6. Even with six-time world champion, Lincoln "FNX", the losing team finished with a 62.5% handicap, more than the initial imbalance.

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The main goal was to encourage debate and initiate a movement within e-sports.
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Cannes Recognition • VMLY&R São Paulo

1 Gold: Entertainment Lions for Sport

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