Gen Z Paradoxes

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What is there to say about Generation Z that hasn’t already been said? Industry leaders, advertisers, marketers and researchers have published thousands of articles, reports and POVs on the buzzworthy Gen Z, and yet, you often walk away still not quite understanding why it all matters. 

Through what’s already been explored, you see Gen Z through a limited, single lens — not for who these people are as people. People who make mistakes, who know who they are, all while still figuring it out. 

This research is part of a broader series to understand this power generation, the first examining Conscience vs. Commerce. How Brands Can Close The Gap. This new report explores Gen Z through its paradoxes through a broader psychological lens — the tension points that make them interesting, complex and, well, human. It provides an authentic, honest and holistic view of this controversial generation and the people in it. We hope you will gain a deeper understanding of who Gen Z is, what they care about most, and how brands can best connect with them in meaningful, stand-out ways.

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